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KEVIN BONE has produced and co-produced theater, comedy and music events for stages both in Los Angeles and now in the Joshua Tree area, where he resides.While in Los Angeles, he stage-managed the long-running staged parody hit "Point Break Live", co-created and produced a 10-minute play and music series"There in 10" as well as an aerial arts/music benefit event, "Heavenly Creatures". He performed his first-ever solo show, "Hijacked, the Kevin Bone Solo No-Show", at the Whitefire Theatre as part of their "SOLOFEST" series.
Since moving to the desert town of Wonder Valley and finding a home at THE PALMS (restaurant, bar and venue), he has produced and co-produced many music , theatre, film and comedy events.. including the short play/sketch series "Succulents" as well as his second solo show, "Kate's Last Dance". He is thrilled to be working with his own solo-performance coach, the amazing JESSICA LYNN JOHNSON, on this exciting new festival!

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