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Mainstage Shows

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 Written and performed by Kamakshi Hart and Directed by and developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson, ‘Resilient AF: Rising To The Occasion’, is a timely new play that adds a wise and hope-filled voice in the midst of our ongoing pandemic, increasingly divisive nation and the threat of climate change/loss of our natural world.

  Join accomplished transformational coach and rites of passage guide, Kamakshi Hart, as she shares a detailed map of her own journey of building resilience throughout her life.

  Become trauma-informed (a necessary skill in today’s world) and learn from her search for healing while navigating life as a survivor of childhood sexual trauma, adolescent sexual assault and adult domestic violence.

  Appreciate all the ways you too are ‘Resilient AF’ and how you can ‘Rise To The Occasion’ of your precious life in 2022.

  As in her first critically-acclaimed, award-winning solo show (HFF 2018), ‘Wild At Hart: A Tale of Trauma & Triumph’, Kamakshi’s cohort of colorful characters evoke both the shadow and light of trauma recovery and her emergent life purpose to be of service to others as she found alternative, spiritual and earth-based ways of deep healing.

Sat. 7:30-9:15 PM Noble Hall

 Company policies. They exist to help a business maintain a safe and efffiecient working environment, and better achieve it's goals. But what happens when company policy seems to stand in the way basic, decent humanity? When compassion seems to get pushed aside "because there's a business to run"?

  In his new solo-performance play, "Kate's Last Dance", Kevin Bone navigates through this tug-of-war with  personal experiences that might bring up the question, "what would YOU do?"

 "Kate's Last Dance", written and performed by Kevin Bone and developed with and directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, is making it's debut at The Joshua Tree Solo Festival. 

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Sun. 2;30-3;30 Noble Hall

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