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Solo Script Readings

Sunday 11:15-12:30
Lotus Hall


Who's Renovating Who?


Join writer and performer Gabriella DeMarco for a reading of her newest one woman show about a high school dropout who yearns to be a real estate mogul and Airbnb Superhost in the desert. Will a vision board AND a village be enough to manifest Gabriella’s destiny? See the law of attraction in action on this heroine’s adventure. Come laugh with this aspiring entrepreneur as she stumbles through the chaos and torture of  shopping at Home Depot, struggling with finances, combating workaholism, facing some of her worst fears, and battling cinder blocks. Who will survive this swashbuckling magic carpet ride? Gabriella gives voice to inanimate objects, desert creatures, and even the houses themselves. If these walls could talk…they can. Who’s renovating who?

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